Why You Need Renters Insurance

If you've recently signed a lease agreement for a house, condominium, or apartment, then it's important to ensure your personal items are adequately insured. This is especially true if some of them were expensive. However, there are many people who become tenants each year, and fail to understand how useful renters insurance is. It's only when the unexpected happens that they realize that they should have considered such a policy. Below are 4 reasons you should sign up for renters insurance today.

You don't get any protection from your landlord

One of the most common mistakes new tenants make is to believe they get basic coverage under their landlord's insurance policy. But there's no such a thing. In fact, landlords always make sure that aspiring tenants know they're responsible for getting their own coverage. This usually happens the day when you're supposed to sign the contract, as both you and the leasing agent go over the pages.

Getting renters insurance is a rational decision

To understand why getting this form of insurance is a rational decision, consider that an unexpected incident takes place and damages your personal belongings in the process. You'll most likely be frustrated given the price you paid to acquire them. In comparison, the cost of renters insurance is low, which means unless you're willing to spend additional money to repurchase your items, subscribing to renters insurance is a decision that makes sense financially.

The coverage is more extensive than you think

Unlike what most people think, renters insurance does more than covering the items present in their home. Indeed, this form of insurance extends to other situations that also lead to damage or theft, such as if you get robbed while on vacation, or if something gets stolen from your car.

From the moment you buy renters insurance, anything that fits in the category of personal belongings will systematically be covered by your insurer. As you might know, both vacation robbery and car-related theft situations do not discriminate and may happen at any given moment.

Be protected from lawsuits

Lawsuits have become commonplace in the U.S., and even between people who are related to one another. If someone comes visit you and gets injured in your place, they can hold you liable. Renters insurance will help you be prepared to face this type of situation.

For all these reasons, you're strongly advised to get renters insurance today from multi-coverage companies like Advanced Auto Insurance.